Boss Hammer Co. is a family owned and operated Start-Up based out of Saginaw Michigan. Our products are made with the American Contractor in mind. The Boss Hammer is the first premium performance hammer of it's kind. The beautiful hammer series comes in three separate sizes and weights. The B16oz, B18oz and B22oz.  Measuring and marking on the fly is made easy by it's patented head & handle design. The series can square a 90, measure degree and common cut marks. It can also measure small marks with the stick rule incorporated into each handle.

Measure on the Fly

Convenient stick rule for quick and easy measurements. The proof is in the 2x4.

A Quick 45

Find desired degree cuts by pivoting the hammer at the claw anchor point.

Rafter cuts

Find desired common cuts by pivoting the hammer at the claw pivot point.

a quick 90

Patented head & handle design allows hammer to be used when squaring a 90° angle.

Typical Wall Framing

Anybody can frame a wall by utilizing the length and width of our B18 Hybrid Hammer.

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