Boss Hammer Company provides a limited one year warranty from date of purchase against workmanship and manufacturer defects. We do not warranty normal wear and tear or miss-use/abuse of our products. Our hammer is designed for driving and pulling unhardened common nails only. Any sign of demolition, concrete work, side pulling, prying, etc., will not be covered. 

If a claim is processed, the buyer is responsible for providing Boss Hammer Co. with the hammer. If the claim is for a broken handle, the handle will be replaced on the original head. Warranty policies are subject to change.

Custom engraving or charges relating to custom engraving are non-refundable.

All warranty claims are at the discretion of Boss Hammer Co. and misuse of this policy will result in ineligibility for future claims.

Titanium hammers should not be used on hardened objects. This can result in damage to the face of the hammer. This warranty does not cover damage to any hammer which is the result of using the hammer on hardened nails, hardened steel tools (for example cats paws, chisels, bolts, stakes, steel plates or forms), and concrete. 

What is covered under warranty:

For Titanium hammers:

Manufacturer defects such as porosity in the casting causing the handle to snap in half, small holes or voids in the face of the hammer caused by defective titanium casting, and tip of the claw broken due to casting defects (no apparent abuse).

Poly-fiberglass Handles:

Handle has come loose due to faulty epoxy. 

Rubber on the handle has peeled due to manufacturer defect. 

Hickory Handles:

The head has snapped off the handle due to poor wood grain structure, fibers broke off cleanly, no sharp fibers are visible. 

What is Not covered by warranty:

For Titanium Hammers: 

Milling is worn off the face or there is chipping or pitting due to striking hardened steel. 

Claw tips are worn down from demolition, concrete, or digging in rocky soil. 

Cerakote chipping due to regular use. 

Poly-Fiberglass Handles:

Handle and fiberglass core have snapped due to excessive prying (i.e. during demolition). 

Hammer has cracked due to multiple over swings. 

Note: Please contact customer service if you wish to have the handle replaced. 

Hickory Handles:

Head has pulled loose due to excessive prying. 

Handle has broken, snapped due to excessive prying. Long fibers and splintering are visible in the break. 

Head has loosened up due to shrinkage. 

Note: Replacement hickory handles are available for sale on the website. 


Contact customer service to make a warranty claim. info@bosshammerco.com 




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